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THE TRUE MEANING OF VALUE ENGINEERING You’ve worked with your design team to draw up your project, be it a Retail or Commercial project. You’re getting your employees, stakeholders, and customers excited about what the new project will bring. You request bids from a group of suppliers eager to make this design a reality. But the bids come back way higher than you expected. Is now the time to mercilessly “value engineer” your project to get the cost down? Not necessarily. Contact the CGS team for assistance. When someone says “value engineering” our minds immediately go to a process that reduces the cost of the project by cutting out portions or reducing the quality of materials being used. However, that is not necessarily what value engineering should be, CGS Value Engineering is creating value by using this process, not destroying quality and design intent. WHAT IS VALUE ENGINEERING? In manufacturing, value engineering (VE), is a method your project team can employ to improve the value of your project by examining the function of each item or element and its associated cost. By weighing the cost/benefit ratio, our team at CGS can make suggestions for alternate manufacturing methods, designs, or materials that improve the value of your project. It’s important to note that improving the value of your project does not mean cutting costs. It means optimizing the elements of the project through an analysis of all factors–cost, upkeep, wear-and-tear, aesthetic value, etc. To truly provide advantageous value engineering, your manufacturing and design team need to first understand the project as a whole and your vision and goals for the project. At CGS every project is different, as is every client’s definition of value.


Something that has a favourable ratio of costs to benefits is considered good value. While costs may seem easy to define – how much they cost upfront – there’s a little more to it. To really understand the value, you need to dig deeper. How long will those materials last? What type of maintenance will they need? Will they work more efficiently and cost less to operate? The best place to start is to ask yourself what is/are the most important part(s) of the project, and what do you want the project to achieve? Once you’ve identified these, share them with the CGS Team, and we'll get back to you with a list of suggestions that respect your goals and enhance your project to provide the best possible value that meets your budget. This approach is one of value enhancement for your individual project – rather than sweeping cost-cutting measures that may not be the best fit for your needs or goals. A good value engineering team, like the CGS team,will take all things into consideration and will find you the best quality options at the lowest available cost.


Call CGS Fixtures to assist in value engineering your project

At CGS we thrive on helping our customers realise their projects, but also help bringing the overall cost down but maintaining the look and feel you originally expected.

For a true partner in Value Engineering your project and achieving your goals, call Mahinda Leelaratne from our CGS Dubai office to discuss your options.

Call Mahinda Leelaratne on +971 5283 19666 to discuss Value Engineering for your project.

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