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Mezzanine/Pigeonhole Racking Solutions

Mezzanine Racks

At CGS, we have years of experience in designing and supplying multi-level mezzanine storage structures. We can assist you with designing a rack that is tailored to your specific needs. Every mezzanine we have built has been unique and customised to the requirements of the project.

Pipes and Timber

CGS offers pigeon-hole racks for storing long-length products such as timber, pipes, and mouldings. We can customize these racks to have multiple levels, allowing for increased storage capacity. Additionally, we can supply security gates, lifts, and stairs to provide easy and secure access to your racks.

Mezzanine Racks

CGS offers a vast range of options and solutions tailored to fit your specific project needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you create a customised solution for your business.

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