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Gondola Solutions


CGS gondolas are compatible with major brands from Europe, Australia, and the US, ensuring a versatile solution for your retail needs regardless of your location.


At CGS, our gondola systems are specially designed to be compatible with leading global gondola brands, and can be customised to seamlessly integrate with our Big Box System. This ensures an incredibly versatile system for your store, and when combined with our wide range of accessories, results in a complete and unified retail display solution.

Gondola Systems

We offer gondola systems that are compatible with major European, Australian and US brands.

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CGS offers an extensive selection of accessories for our gondola systems, but if you need something specific, our team is more than willing to develop it for you.

Get in touch with us to begin the customisation process.


CGS gondolas undergo rigorous stress-testing through both FEM (Finite Element Method) by structural engineers and physical testing.

This guarantees confidence for our customers, as they can trust the system's ability to meet its expected performance standards.

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