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Paint Department Solutions

Paint department

Paint products are both bulky and heavy, necessitating robust shelving that can also showcase the merchandise attractively.

Big Box is an ideal solution for paint departments, offering strength and adjustability to accommodate the necessary loads.

Complement this with tables featuring stainless steel tops for easy cleaning, and you'll create an efficient and visually appealing Paint Department.

Paint Tables

Our paint tables are designed with practicality in mind, featuring stainless steel benchtops for effortless cleaning and incorporating additional merchandising spaces, such as impulse selling areas beneath the workspaces.

This arrangement promotes further opportunities to up-sell while mixing paints, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Bulk Displays

At CGS, we provide merchandising solutions such as attractive pallet displays for bulk selling or even framing options to enhance the appearance of pallet bases, elevating the overall visual appeal and customer experience. We're committed to delivering innovative fixture solutions tailored to your needs.


Big Box offers exceptional branding opportunities; create eye-catching prints on crown ends, doors with color charts, banners, and printed curtains to conceal pallets above. At CGS, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive branding solutions that elevate your brand presence and enhance the shopping experience.

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