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Pharmacy Store Solutions


CGS offers a comprehensive range of Pharmacy Fixtures, from front of house Gondolas and Wall systems to back of house Counters, to meet all your requirements.

Display Tables

CGS offers complete solutions for Pharmacy Fixtures, including front and back of house options such as Gondolas, Wall Systems, and Counters.

We also provide Mobile Promotional Tables, which can be customised to your design and specifications, along with ticketing options throughout the store.


CGS can design and manufacture Pharmacy Counters that perfectly match your brand image and desired look.

With options such as back-lit or stone counters, there are endless possibilities to choose from.

Wall Systems

At CGS, we offer a range of wall systems that can be tailored to suit your store's needs, whether it's a simple wall-stripping or a concealed slot system.

You can choose from glass or timber shelves, and our team is available to discuss your design requirements.

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