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Garden Department Solutions

Garden Displays

Over the years, CGS has crafted numerous Garden Department Solutions. Our hot-dip galvanized fixtures prevent rust, ensuring long-lasting durability.

We offer racking and shelf units compatible with other store fixtures, as well as those that integrate seamlessly with our Big Box System.

Leverage our experience and innovative solutions to enhance your retail project.

Plant tables

CGS offers a variety of options, including plant tables for displaying large volumes of plants, trays featuring water-absorbing materials for continuous plant watering, and built-in drainage facilities.

Explore these versatile solutions from CGS to enhance your garden display area.


CGS provides seedling stands with shelving tailored to accommodate your seedling trays and punnets.

We collaborate with our customers to ensure all details come together, contributing to the success of your Garden Centre.


CGS offers solutions beyond those typically provided by fixture suppliers. We construct Garden Centre Kiosks to ensure functionality in any weather condition. Our Big Box racking extends from the store into the garden area, featuring galvanized materials for durability. Additionally, we supply related products such as paving racks, demonstrating our comprehensive approach to retail solutions.

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