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Homewares Stores Solutions

Homewares Tables

CGS offers a variety of table shapes to meet your needs, including nesting, timber, and metal options.



At CGS, we offer customisable gondolas that are tailored to your project's requirements. Our gondolas can feature hanging frames, decorative cladding or any other design element while still providing the necessary functionality and compatibility within your store.

Point of Sale

 CGS offers custom fixture solutions for specific brands within your store, tailored to your requirements or the supplier's brand guidelines. We work collaboratively with you or your supplier to create a unique fixture design that meets your needs. Contact us to discuss your project today.


Feature Ends

At CGS, we understand that standard shelves may not always be enough, especially in a prime location such as the Crown end of a Gondola. That's why we offer customised solutions to help you make the most of this valuable space for your merchandise. Contact us to discuss your project today.

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