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Hardware Store
Drive-Thru Solutions

Drive Thru

A Hardware Store Drive-Thru demands a variety of fixtures to accommodate diverse product types. Cantilever racking is essential for timber storage, while extra heavy-duty racking is needed for plasterboard and pallet racking to support oversized items. At CGS, we've developed spacer systems that enable uninterrupted storage of plasterboard on Cantilever Racking, allowing for unlimited board lengths without any upright obstructions.


Customised racking solutions tailored to hold your specific products, such as bricks, plasterboard, panels, and pallets, are all available from CGS. We offer options to suit all your storage and merchandising needs for any product.


At CGS, we understand that each hardware store is unique and has different requirements for its Drive-Thru. That's why we specialise in customising and developing Drive-Thru solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's racking for bricks, plasterboard, or panels, we have options for all your products. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you create the perfect Drive-Thru for your hardware store.

Extra Heavy Duty

An example of customised heavy duty racking on display in a Hardware Store.

Mezzanine Rack

CGS develops and supplies multi-level Mezzanine Storage.

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